a bridge restored

like a garden that was oncebeautiful and cared formy heart has been neglectedthirsty and nostalgicfor the Creator's grace to tend to these weeds that have choked the blossom,rooted in a tangible blur of concrete confusion whatever happened to the bible baptist academy?[a one-room school house in montague, michigan]whatever happened to building forts in the woods with the neighborhood … Continue reading a bridge restored

let me be found in You

as a drop of water is lost in the oceanso is the flight of the alone to the Alonetake from me these november thoughtsof never enough and endless thirstreplace these tears with the solace of Your Presenceif it was all over tomorrowi've been nothing without Youif these lungs inhaled the sudden conclusionthe rapture from this … Continue reading let me be found in You

The Healing Work of Anonymity

Find me here, in the last row of a broken circle. This new family, a worshipping community of African-Americans, has adopted me into the fire of hugs as I sway back and forth to the music. Clapping, standing, sitting, bleeding; my Hosanna was born in a furnace of doubt. My hallelujah is cold and broken. They do … Continue reading The Healing Work of Anonymity