About Jay



Jay DePoy is an author, teacher, sinner, and saint. He is a much sought-after voice of reason in a religious subculture gone mad. Drawing from years of experience working with individuals experiencing homelessness, addictions, (and self-righteousness), Jay brings a message of hope and healing.

He is the Founding Pastor of Lakeshore Church in Muskegon, Michigan, and the Lead Pastor of Exodus Church in Asheville, North Carolina. After years of ministering from a platform of pastoral leadership, he has turned his attention to working with men in recovery from self-destruction. He is also a licensed Social Worker in Michigan, and spends his days working with young adults with Special Needs. He has experienced both the mountain top of success, and the valley of self-destruction, and his journey has led him from the basement of the county jail to the highways and hedges of urban America. 

Jay received his Undergraduate Degree from Grand Valley State University (BA, Social Work) and his Master’s Degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He continues to volunteer at local shelters, leading small groups of men toward recovery. He published his first novel, This Little Light in January of 2017, and he’s working on his second book to be released this year.

To read more of Jay’s writing, check out www.jaydepoy.com.





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