The Last Word (Grace)

The recapitulation of redemption begins in a garden and comes full circle, to new beginnings. From a bleeding Eden to a tearless eternity, all things will be reconciled. No more crying, no more tears. No shame, and no cancer, No more funerals. No more fractured families, or undressed wounds. Jesus came to kill death, break brokenness, and destroy destruction. And when the legalists have had their day in court… when the pharisees have been laid in a casket… when the stone-throwers have met the Rock of Ages, the last word will still be – Grace. 

Grace. Scandalous grace. Mysterious grace. Amazing grace. Bang my head against the wall grace. Knock me off my feet grace. Incomprehensible grace. Violent grace. Furious grace. Bloody grace. Terrible grace. Awful grace. Inexplicable grace. Stand up and sing grace. Sit down and cry grace. Gospel grace. New World Disorder grace. Upside down grace. Inside out grace. Crucified grace. Resurrected grace. The last chapter is still being written about grace. Redeeming grace. Whore-turned-virgin grace. Body broken, blood poured out grace. Welcome to the Table of grace. Pull up a chair grace. Light a candle grace. Burn down your religious castle grace. Beautiful ashes of grace.

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