Tragicomedic Fiction (Based on Actual Events)

Have you ever had the tragicomedic misfortune of overhearing a conversation about a series of rumors, and as it turns out, the gossip was about yourself? You try to close your eyes and plug your ears, but then you lean in more to hear what the latest speculation is…

So. Inaccurate.
But instead of correcting the unsuspecting voices, you nod and leave them to their contribution to the wildfire of runaway tongues set on the course of hell. (And we all know who is behind the fictitious names and anonymous comments, so the cosmic laughter applauds your plotting). 
I’ve heard a lot of rumors about what has become of me, but here is what you need to know: I remain the Lead Pastor of thriving House Church. I am outrageously loved by a Puerto-Rican Beauty, and honored by three little girls who envelope their middle names (grace, faith, and hope). I am deliriously content to take a step away from the brokenness and the addictions and the homelessness and the midnight calls threatening suicide and the infinite requests and the need to meet unrealistic demands and the exhaustion of keeping everyone happy. I would much rather wash dishes for minimum wage than get lost in the pursuit of gaining the whole world. 
Maybe someday I’ll tell you the rest of the story, but as for now I’ll let you keep perpetuating the rumors and the “have you heard?”s and the triangulation that suffocates the Kingdom in the name of Pharisaical self-righteousness. Carry on…

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