Because God Needs More German Shepherds

I know this guy who seems to have a lot of time on his hands. He posts something on Facebook, literally fifteen times a day. He has read lots of books, and he is culturally engaged. He is a blogger, plotter, and theologian. His most passionate posts are warnings about invading heresies in the Church. And by heresies, I mean – anyone who has expressed thoughts or opinions that are left of his position. And by Church, I mean – the only Holy Catholic Church of Young Calvinists.

He literally believes that it is his role to serve as God’s personal German Shepherd on the proverbial watchtower of social networks. (Because that is what God needs – more attack dogs!)

The interesting thing is that I have never seen this guy in public. Whenever there are community activities or opportunities to reach out to the lost with the gospel, he is nowhere to found. He “likes” these outreach events, but he does not come. He writes about evangelism and gospel proclamation, but he is absent from the conversation with those outside the Church.

He is mad about all the wrong things. As a matter of fact, the outrage of Jesus is to the professional bloggers who are obsessed with talk at the neglect of action.

And this is my message to him… Step away from the computer, put your iphone away, and stop overly concerning yourself with everybody else’s theological questions. Please, for the love of God, take a walk downtown and join us in our efforts to share the good news of the cross with a dying world.  If you’re going to write… post things about the glory of redemption. Tell stories about the fruit of the gospel and the testimonies of transformation. Celebrate the witness of the Jesus Revolution!

That is all I have to say about that.

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