Reflections from the California Coast

The sun was fading, as though a literal meltdown into the Pacific Ocean. The blurry haze that separated the water from the sky seemed applicable to thoughts in my mind. I sipped from a steaming cup of coffee, and sat on a bench overlooking the high-tide surfers far below the canyon.

My thoughts drifted to the serenity of this moment, from the disastrous journey of the past few years. Painful memories still surface at times, like the sting of a wasp ~ I swat and flee toward the refuge of my soul-mate and the girls, where I’m settled and healed…
The healing that has taken place inside my heart is not easy to articulate; There wasn’t a moment or an incident of remedy, rather, my inner healing has been a continual process toward wholeness. The shaping of things to come have materialized of yesterday’s fragmentation. As the aforementioned line is blurred between water and sky, so too is the separation from the hurt and the healing.
Thank you God, for the relentless tenderness of your Spirit’s embrace. Thank you for not giving up on me, though I had filed for spiritual bankruptcy. Thank you for the gift of new friends, and the sacred sentiments of the ever-present absence… Fading memories that have been crucified, buried, and now resurrected in the Shalom of all things restored.

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