like a garden, unkept

like a garden that was once

beautiful and cared for
my heart has been neglected
thirsty and nostalgic
for the Creator’s grace to tend to these weeds that have choked the blossom, rooted in a tangible blur of concrete confusion
whatever happened to maranatha?
whatever happened to building forts in the woods
with the neighborhood kids and setting traps for potential enemies?
whatever happened to some glad morning
and i’ll fly away and do lord, remember me?
there used to be a time when i knew no strangers
but now things seem to be playing in reverse
some things, however, remain:
this ever-present loneliness and the ache for another world
twenty years have now passed since i’ve last seen you
and memories are locked like the castles of sand
washed away with the torrential rains
and somebody set fire to maranatha
i watched her burn to the ground.

One thought on “like a garden, unkept

  1. “Maranatha- vacation with a purpose” looks like something this wanna be missionary needs to sign up for.

    This post resonated…

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