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A couple of friends of mine are undertaking missional initiatives to expand the Kingdom of God, and to launch the next chapter of their own lives.

I want to introduce you to Lumen Audio, an Asheville-based recording studio that is intentionally focused on being portable, incarnational, and fluid. The executive genius behind the vision is Ryan Earnhardt (no relation…) who has become a close personal friend. Ryan’s vision for Lumen Audio is to create and capture the music of emerging artists, by recording their sessions in remote locations around Western North Carolina. For example, his recording gear is state of the art with all of the modern technological advances, yet it is simple enough to be trans(portable) to the desired setting of the musician/band. He recently recorded a beautiful session with a full band in a rustic cabin in the remote wilderness of North Carolina’s mountains. The setting allowed for the creative juices to flow, and the ambiance transcended the time/space continuum.
If you are a musician who has always kicked around the idea of cutting an album, now is the time, and Lumen Audio is your outlet.
And for those of us who have been afflicted with the prophetic insomnia of wrestling with God for (or against!) His calling into vocational ministry, you have probably wondered wherever to begin taking steps in obedience to that direction.
The first thing we often do (after prayer, of course) is to begin searching the internet for the what ifs and the wherabouts. Where does one turn for ministry openings? Google? Is it that vague? For those of us who have been searching the internet for a job, it can be an extremely daunting and humiliating experience!
Let me introduce you to a simplified approach
to the search for home:
This brilliant new website is user-friendly and intentionally focused on connecting ministry relationships for the fruition of a God-called vision. If you are a pastor, teacher, counselor, musician, or youth minister – this is the bridge to get you to your desired location. If you are a church, school, para-church/non-profit organization, this is your intersection to meet credible candidates who will bless your ministry.
I heartily endorse both of these endeavors, and I pray that you will join me in spreading the Word about their efforts!

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