The Healing House

The Healing House

Fifteen minutes from the Carolina border

There’s a rainbow in her eyes…

Tears fall freely to her sunburned shoulder

Farewell is easier than goodbye

Dear [Mariah] Grace, now give me your hand

I promise I’ll receive you well

Cling to this promise of a broken man

You caught me when I fell

Dear [Ambria] Faith, you seemed to have disappeared

Suddenly and without warning

When I needed you most, you reappeared

Heaven’s mercies ever pouring

Dear [Ashlyn] Hope, consider me captive

Without your embrace I’m over-reactive

Doubting and turning and perpetually learning

And Father’s Day you heard me pray

Take me home to the healing house

Running barefoot across the yard

Counting the distant, falling stars

Swinging trees and sun-kissed breeze

A grateful daddy on his knees

3 thoughts on “The Healing House

  1. Beautiful writing….says it so well. Also love the healing house…and the view that goes with it.

  2. jerry d..your profile picture is my most favourite yet..
    you guys laying there so happy on the green green grass…i don't know how you did it but it is a neat picture!…..

  3. Jerry, You are very brave to make such a leap of faith and completely trust in the Lord. So glad you have found your healing and I pray that you will continue to do so. I am praying for you for spiritual strength. Rely on your mentors for help and most of all rely on Christ, for He is your Rock.
    Praying over eXodus

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