eXodus church (the liberation project)

I’ve been staring at this blank screen in front of me for what seems like a lifetime. Wherever to begin?

I could tell you that, in many ways, I’m not the same person I was several years ago. For better (or for worse) I’m probably less likely to give you my opinion or even suggest a concrete answer to the questions that haunt us. I am not as thirsty for affirmation as I once was, and I’m less likely to care if I’m invited to your table.

Although I’m still on a journey toward inner healing, I have come a long way from the train wreck that I caused three years ago. I’ve gone through the detox of silence, prayers of surrender, confessions to trusted pastors, and repentance.

The past few years have been, as you can imagine, the most painfully humiliating experiences of my life. But I have found tremendous freedom on the other side of confession, and I have been set free to live by the power of the Spirit of Christ.

After several months of praying and fasting, my wife and I believe that God is once again calling us out of our comfort zones. We have been through intensively counseling, and have sought the spiritual authority of mature believers who have agreed to walk with us, forward from an empty grave.

Under this spiritual authority, mentoring and coaching, as well as in the confidence of two pastoral accountability partners, I am stepping out in faith… Consider this our declaration of hope; the tomb is empty and the literal implications of Jesus’ resurrection have propelled us to a new beginning.

Exodus Church is a new community of hope, born in a furnace of doubt and surrender. Jamie and I joining the anthem of the redeemed, in unity with several other families in the Asheville, NC area. Our message is simple: God is in the liberation business, and He is calling us out of spiritual bondage, to walk in the freedom of Jesus Christ.

Our website will provide further information about our faith, mission, and values. There will also be a link to listen to each of the weekly messages, (so our friends back in Michigan can follow along!)

Please pray for us as we are acutely aware of the spiritual attacks on the horizon. Pray for our marriage, and for the spiritual nurturing of our three daughters, for whom we dedicate this cause.

Okay, here we go… click here to see us go live!

One thought on “eXodus church (the liberation project)

  1. I just saw this. 🙂 I'm so proud of you Jerry. Faithfully praying for you and your family and this new ministry. Can't wait to listen to your messages.

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