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  1. dear jerry d..i love what my little vista notebook does for me.
    i can actually see the posts that my friends write…my xp never showed them on my blog, and so i saw that you had posted.
    it is such a lovely post too of a daddy spending quality time with his two little princesses…time that they will never forget even when they are old!
    i guess you are getting ready for halloween. too bad it is on a sunday this year..we have decided that bernie will stay home and give out treats to the kids and i will go to the gospel meeting.
    last year we gave out sunday school papers along with a pop.
    kids seem to like a can of pop in their bags and so that is what we give them every year..
    the lord gave you a bright sunny day to carve the pumpkin jerry d and he gave you two bright sunny little punkins to help you out….take care and god bless you…from terry

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