2 thoughts on “The Silent Holocaust Did Not Win.

  1. hello jay..what a video and what a girl! …a child of the king and a princess at that!
    she reminds me so much of david ring who also has cerebral palsy and who also is a christian and a speaker and a singer of hymns.
    i am so glad that you posted this and i am going to send it to some people if you don't mind.
    i, though i am really behind in my blogging and comments to my blog friends have been here at your blog a lot and just so appreciating the preachers that you have here from your church.
    when i had a sunday school class and it was my job to pick out christmas books for my class for the sunday school concerts, i would read each book from cover to cover to make sure that it was all right for the child.. ha! right in the bible store i would do this.!
    thankfully my class was the three to five year old children..and the books were simple and easy to read fast!
    anyways, the reason i have told you this jay is because i want to ask your permission to put your blog site with the bible blog sites that i appreciate on my side…i have been through your blog and just as i approved of the sunday school books for the children, i highly appreciate and approve and enjoy your site.! and i must say like the disciples of old.”it has been good for me to have been here…could you tell me yes or no?…from terry

  2. dear jerry d..i DID send this to a couple of my sisters and they did watch it but the real surprise to me is the way that mom golden took to this story.
    now, usually when i and my husband, bernie put a video on for her to watch, she always chats through the whole thing but this one of this precious girl, mom's eyes were glued to it the whole time and i even clicked on the other ones about her.
    my favourite answer that she made to one interviewer was when she said, “i am a christian and a spunky one at that!”
    how proud the lord must be of her and her straight “unafraid of man”, praising of her lord!!
    i am glad that i saw this post of yours….from terry

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