life as we know it

we live far away.

anyone who has braved the journey to visit us in our new home, will testify to this reality.
most of those who are closest to us question this situation.

“wow, you sure are quite a ways from civilization!” they say.
“wouldn’t you be happier a little closer to the city?”

we live far away.

the songbirds in the morning echo through the valley behind our house, and the crickets and bullfrogs compete for attention at night. the fireflies explode into a ritual at dusk, as we tuck three girls into bed. they look out the window and watch the fireworks.

the barn behind our house was built in the mid 1940’s. she has weathered many unpredictable storms over the years. the property adjacent to ours is home to horses that run over the pasture, stirring up the cows in the distance. whenever a passerby ventures down hazel brook road, a habitual southern waive is assumed.

we live far away.

and in this rhythm of quiet, God is wooing me back in to His embrace.

One thought on “life as we know it

  1. I can picture it in my head. Sounds beautiful and perfect for you. I can only imagine the upcoming season (fall) for you guys there again. Amazing the healing I've seen in the last year. Seeing you and Jamie last week assured me that you are where you need to be. I loved seeing you smile, I loved hearing you talk.

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