proverbs 25:22

it’s fascinating to review the history of visitors to my blog – (it gives me the url and actual location) of who exactly is viewing these thoughts, and from where.

all i can say is, wow!
some of the same people who have verbally attacked my family, and launched anonymous rocks in our direction, seem grossly curious about our slow [yet imminent] healing.

read on, haters.
because i have something for you:

i love you.

the end.

4 thoughts on “proverbs 25:22

  1. give me your strength. That's why I went private. My ex sister in law who hasn't talked to me in over 2 years reads my every word…. blah!

  2. I am kindof addicted to reading your blogs. Glad to see you writing again. I hated those months of waiting for a new blog from you. Love you Jerry. Hey, thanks again for saving my life.

  3. Let them read! Thank them for visiting. Thank them for hating all over you. Fact is, you're learning to forgive them; they're still waaayyyy back there and have lots to learn and think about. One day, they'll learn too.

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