Ashlyn Hope

Young lady, you were born in a furnace of resistance! For the past nine months, you have kicked and turned and caused us to ache for your delivery. Nothing about this pregnancy has been normal, or average, or boring. Instead, you are already marching to your own drum, and dancing to your own song. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

The world that you have been born into is in desperate need of hope. Hope that there is life after death, resurrection after crucifixion, and the conviction that love, wins. Into this hope, you have been conceived and delivered! Your sisters (Grace and Faith), will guide you in the Way of Truth. The fuel within you to navigate the difficult journey ahead will require a hope that transcends understanding.

(As your mother is writhing in the pain of giving birth, I cannot help but to recognize the cosmic metaphor of God’s own gift…)

My prayer for you is that you will guard your heart, “for it is the wellspring of life”. I pray that you will reside within the fortress of security; concrete walls around the castle of your heart. The enemy has come to kill, steal, and destroy, but the well-guarded heart will recognize the counterfeit lies and plastic promises of the deceiver.

Guard your heart, and always remember that your mom and dad love you with an eternal covenant. Our commitment to you is for life! Even in this moment, as your mom is crying out in labor, we are fighting for your very being. We are dedicated to the war for your heart, and pray that you will One Day, understand our resolve.

And as the moon is now bearing witness through the window, over the mountains (the ever faithful witness to this declaration), I covenant to walk with you on this journey.

I will physically carry you out of this hospital and bring you home. I will walk you to school on your first day of kindergarten. I will dance with you as your self-appointed chaperon at your junior-high dance. And I will walk with you down the isle, some glad morning… when I give you away to a better man than me.

It won’t take long for you to realize that I am a very broken person, desperately in need of grace, faith, and hope. I will need the love of my daughters to carry me through this mission of loving you well, from the mosaic of my heart… a trophy of heavenly mercies. I remain yours, until we are parted by death.

Your Daddy,

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