Loneliness in a Crowd

A few years ago, I lost a few really close friends. For whatever reason, I have yet to find a replacement. Perhaps I am guarded in the initiation of new relationships. Perhaps it is my “ferocious fear of abandonment”. Or maybe I just don’t have enough room in my heart to let new people in. Who knows?

I crave intelligent conversation. I miss the passion and emotion of being involved in activities of substance. I still want to change the world, but I need a few revolutionary souls to join the insurrection.
I told you I would be “back with a vengeance.”
I’m limping my way toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

2 thoughts on “Loneliness in a Crowd

  1. Know that you are not alone in your quest for a “real” friend. I, too, have struggled in making new friends when I lost my two best friends 4 years ago (yup, it's been that long). Know that I think of you guys often and pray that NC is going well for you!

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