22 Random Things

1) Discipleship is messy.

2) So is “Evangelism”
3) My friend John’s wife Kristine has been diagnosed with epilepsy. They are handling it better than I am.
4) I miss my Muskegon Family.
5) I don’t miss Muskegon.
6) We are still contemplating on a name for our 3rd daughter.
7). I don’t get Lady Gaga.
8) I sent in a video application to be a contestant on ‘Survivor’. They haven’t called me yet.
But, if they do, I will win the million dollars and give it all away to www.remembernhu.org
9) I don’t play games on facebook.
10) I recently sent a friend request to someone that I miss. He accepted it, but if I post anything on his wall, he deletes it because he doesn’t want the public to see that we are friends.
11) I am not in anyone’s denominational “camp”, but not for lack of wanting.
12) Sometimes you just need to listen to Appetite For Destruction and remember the old school havoc we created together.
13) I will never go back to my high school alma mater reunions, etc. I’m sure that’s fine with them, too.
14) Jamie wants breakfast at IHOP for her Mother’s Day gift.
15) If I ever see a snake, I will run away screaming like a little girl. Don’t judge me.
16) My sister Jenny will kill anyone who says anything bad about me. And Janelle… she’s just a different kind of animal altogether.
17) I still bleed blue and gold.
18) One of these days I am going to learn how to play the acoustic guitar.
19) Remind me to tell you about the time the axe flew out of my hand and almost hit Mariah. I’m still too shaken up to write about it.
20) Remind me to tell you about the time my Father stood up for me when the rest of the world was throwing rocks. Yeah, that’s scandalous grace. It’s in the blood.
21) My mom is a Southern Belle. But she doesn’t know what that means.
22) I am sorry for the delayed response, to so many who have written to me over the past couple of years. Thank you, I love you too. I promise.

5 thoughts on “22 Random Things

  1. Hey, I bleed blue and gold too!! I love you Jerry DePoy Jr., don't know you really but don't think you remember me either 🙂 (i know Jerry Sr. a little)and that doesn't matter. WHAT MATTERS is the unconditional LOVE of Jesus Christ…the kind of love that matters is in His Blood. HE LOVES…
    and the ONE TRUE CHURCH ALWAYS opens HIS arms to you…

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