i borrowed this, pass it on…

i often admit that i’m too cool for bible school.
or maybe it’s that i think i’m too old to learn anything because i already learned all that stuff when i was a kid.
it’s funny how much God can break me down.
i think that the times that God has pulled me closest to him has been through little kids.

it wrecks me.

each day has brought me down more and more.
not in a discouraging way.
it has brought me down in order that i can be lifted up by something else besides me.

we learned about Jesus.
today in bible school we were supposed to bring our favorite stuffed animals.
i didn’t bring mine.
i’m too cool for that, right?
bible teacher said..why do you love your stuffed animal?
i can’t even think of an answer now.
why do we love something completely useless to us?
so we can hold it.
it’s comfort, i guess.

bible teacher says. the reason you love your stuffed animal so much is the exact reason God loves you.
so He can hold you.
He doesn’t need us.
but He wants us.
we need Him though.
to hold on to.
then bible teacher says..now can i borrow someone’s stuffed animal so that i can pierce this nail in it and stick him on this cross?

(a post from sarah mccoy)

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