will the circle be unbroken?

i found a picture of us in the basement
we were fourteen then and it was
before all of this
we have become unrecognizable
fading images harboring faith and regret

(do you remember the last thing you ever said to me?)

i remember the chevy celebrity with bald tires
and we were sliding all over the road
before we finally pulled over on seaway drive,
held captive by a rainbow
suicidally beautiful

i tried to call you collect last week
from a payphone it’s a good thing you didn’t answer
because i was inconsolable, under the weather and
i remember pole-vaulting in your backyard on to an old mattress
and d-o-g used to chase us around

we got a late start
but made it to the tennessee border by midnight or so
we threw up a tent at the top of the hill (in case of rain)
and down below the psalters were teaching us how to beat a drum

in st. louis the homeless were not welcome
but we gave a tour of the adam’s mark hotel
all in the Name of the One

you told me i could run away to florida
but everything i do will fail
unless i deal with this
and you were right

when there was no money
we took a detour through the nature trail at hoffmaster
climbing the dunes, exhaling at the top
overlooking lake michigan praying
for the miraculous provision of our needs
considering your schedule and exhaustion
it was not in vain

but my favorite memory was the baptism of your son, [laughter]
as he shrieked in the cold water

i heard you called the other day
forgive me for not returning
the lines of communication have been blurred

if there was ever a doubt
i loved you like a brother

One thought on “will the circle be unbroken?

  1. I’m so happy you’re here, and not in Florida.We should get together sometime, and eat donuts, and give thanks to God for the struggles he gives us to make us strong. Welcome back from war, your faith is amazing, inspiring. Gods grip on you is tight.I’ve been listening to your sermons again. Thanks for being a disciple and doing what you were called to do. I cant wait to see how the story ends!With love from my family to yours,Jen Z

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